Tattoo Removal

Tatto Removal with RevLite by Cynosure Lasers 

What is RevLite Exactly?

RevLite is a groundbreaking take on laser tattoo removal, using four specific frequencies of lasers for each color of ink. Traditionally, black ink has been the easiest to remove, while other colors presented difficulty. Black still is the least resistant, but RevLite has started to seriously close the gap. It is estimated to be sixty percent more effective than previous methods of laser tattoo removal; that typically means less time during treatments and fewer sessions.

What Should You Expect?

During your laser tattoo removal sessions, each RevLite laser wavelength will actually break down the ink within your skin, literally shattering and fragmenting the color pigments so that your body can then absorb them away. The appointments are typically spaced anywhere from six to eight weeks apart, and can vary in number from just a few to many depending on the size of the tattoo, the saturation of the inks (i.e. filled in or outlined images), and the depth of the ink, among other factors.


You may experience mild-moderate inflammation and redness post treatment for 1-10 days.* You may also see a white tissue response called “frosting” which subsides within a couple hours.* Total healing time can be anywhere from 1-3 weeks.* You will need to keep the area bandaged during the healing process and avoid prolonged sun exposure during the course of your treatments.


Each tattoo is very different and there are many considering factors like depth of the ink in the skin, how your body metabolizes the ink, how many and which colors are used. Most patients see a 10-20% reduction after each treatment