Canadian winters are tough, but it can be even harsher on our skin. As the temperature drops and the air becomes drier, those with dry and sensitive skin may find that their skincare routines need adjustments to keep their skin healthy and comfortable during the colder months. 

You’re probably thinking, “How can I protect my dry and sensitive skin during the winter?” Check out our detailed guide on how to protect your skin during the colder months, ensuring that it remains well-nourished and irritation-free.

1. Gentle Cleansing: Start your skincare routine with a mild, fragrance-free cleanser. You can try Hexam Gentle Cleanser. This is a gentle cleanser that removes oil and impurities to clean and purify your skin while safe enough for sensitive skin. When cleansing, avoid using hot water, as it can strip your skin of its natural oils. Instead, opt for lukewarm water to cleanse your face. 

While you may think you need to skip the exfoliation due to your sensitive skin, but we have a solution. The Biophora Gentle AHA Cream is a rich and effective emollient cream formulated with 6% Lactic Acid and Vitamin E to gently exfoliate and restore youthful qualities for sensitive/dry skin without irritation.

2. Hydration Station: Invest in a high-quality, hydrating moisturizer. Look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and ceramides. Apply your moisturizer immediately after cleansing to lock in moisture. We have the best moisturizer to save your skin this winter: Biophora DermaRich Moisturizer. This intensive moisture cream is nutrient-rich with advanced hydrating and nourishing qualities containing Green Tea and Grape Seed Extracts, Vitamin E, and Chamomile to calm and revitalize the appearance of dehydrated or irritated skin.

Keep hydrated while you sleep! Consider using a thicker, occlusive moisturizer or a facial oil at night to create a protective barrier on your skin, preventing moisture loss. We’re loving Biophora Night Protection cream that uses a silicone-barrier designed to hold in active ingredients while helping to prevent moisture loss. This protective formula helps to restore the skin’s moisture balance for a soft and supple appearance.

3. Use a Humidifier: Combat the dry indoor air by using a humidifier. This will help maintain a more comfortable and moisture-rich environment for your skin.

4. Avoid Harsh Ingredients: Check your skincare products for ingredients that may exacerbate dryness and sensitivity, such as alcohol, fragrances, and sulfates. Opt for gentle, hypoallergenic products instead.

5. Take Your Vitamins: During the summer, your natural vitamin D production increases as a result of daily sun exposure, but when winter rolls around that exposure decreases. Taking vitamin supplements can ensure that you get the recommended amounts of vitamin D all year round.

6. Sun Protection: Don't skip sunscreen in the winter. The sun's harmful UV rays are still present, and they can worsen sensitivity. Use a broad-spectrum higher sunscreen, especially if you spend time outdoors. Try Elta MD UV Daily Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen that offers superior hydration. Elta MD UV Daily has hyaluronic acid to boost moisture with UV protection and can be worn alone or under makeup.

7. Layering: Use a hydrating serum or toner before applying your moisturizer to provide an extra layer of moisture. This can be especially beneficial for dry and sensitive skin during colder months. After washing, but before moisturizing, it’s time to tone. We’re loving the Biophora Calming Toner. This is a gentle, pH-correct, nutrient and botanically-rich moisturizing toner with Aloe, Witch Hazel Extract and Chamomile designed to refresh, tone, and hydrate irritated or Sensitive/Dry Skin.

8. Protect Your Skin from Harsh Winds: Cover your face with a scarf or a face mask when you're outside to shield your skin from harsh winds that can lead to windburn and increased sensitivity.

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Dry and sensitive skin can be especially challenging during colder months, but with the right care and adjustments to your skincare routine, you can keep your skin comfortable, hydrated, and radiant. Remember that consistency is key, and don't be afraid to ask us for advice if your skin issues persist. Embrace these tips, and your skin will thank you with a healthy, glowing complexion throughout the colder months.

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